Portrait FAQs

How long does the shoot last?

Usually between 2 to 3 hours but I am very flexible. I never book more than one shoot a day so we have as much time as we need.

But I don’t like having my photo taken…

Not a problem. I find the best photos are when you are relaxed so we will have a chat, a little giggling and I will shoot away.

My little ones are shy of strangers…

Don’t worry, we’re all a little apprehensive when we meet new people. Your little ones can play away while I chat to you and when they’re too busy with their toys to notice, I will snap away. Capturing little glances up to see what we are up to often make the most beautiful shots.


Do you have a studio?

No, I work with natural light only. I find this is the most flattering light and creates natural, genuine photos. People are often at their most relaxed when somewhere familiar and at their best when they are just being themselves.


What about the weather?

You would be surprised to hear that a bright sunny day isn’t always my favourite. Our great british seasons offer some of the best backdrops to your photos. Wellies in the rain is one of my favourites, however if it is one of those days where the rain never stops I am happy to re-shedule. Where possible I recommend a morning shoot this then offers a bit of flexibility.


Can we bring props?

Props are great. Anything that means something to you will help make your photos unique. Favourite teddy bears, a book you love, beautiful jewellery, hats, scarves and wellies, musical instruments, pretty umbrellas, even a chair or bike… The possibilities are endless.