Wedding FAQ’s

Where are you based and how far will you travel?

I am based in the Stourbridge area and I am happy to travel… well anywhere really! Extra costs will be involved if your wedding venue was more than about an hour and a half drive away. Please contact me for more details, I would love to hear about your wedding venue!

What is the first step I should take?

Please just pick up the phone or your keyboard and get in touch. I will be happy to just have a chat and talk you through anything you would like to know. There are lots of answers to your questions below but there is nothing like getting it straight from the horses mouth.

What happens next?

Next I’ll send you a wedding pack… this sounds scary… its not! It’s very pretty… you even get a free bookmark! (I know, just what you’ve always wanted!!)

All jokes aside… the most important thing is that you have the wedding photos that you want so I like to meet up with you, show you my photographs and albums in more detail. Then we can chat about all the ideas you have, show me your Pinterest boards (… yes I’m addicted too!). I will leave you to  go away and think about all you have learnt (I don’t do pressure, I don’t like it myself so I wouldn’t do it to anyone else!). Just remember I am always at the other end of the phone if you  have any more questions.


When are payments due?

The first payment will be your deposit, this is £150 and due when you book. The final package balance will then be due 30 days before your wedding

How long will you spend at our wedding?

ALL day!! As long as you want me there, I will be there!

How many photographs do we get?

Each wedding is different but usually around 300 photos.

How long will it be before we see our photos?

As soon after your wedding as I can, even before you are back from your honeymoon, I like to make sure you get a little sneaky peek at a couple of your photos… These will usually appear on my blog or facebook page.

I then aim to have the album design and images ready within 3 weeks of your wedding day. This is then a chance for us to look through all your photos and decide on any changes you would like to make. Once you are happy with your album design, I hand it over to the lovely people at Queensberry. They will then craft your album and ship it all the way from New Zealand. This usually takes another 3 weeks. Once it arrives with me, I will arrange with you the delivery of your beautiful album and USB stick.


What can we do with the images on the USB and that icky copyright stuff?

For your own personal use you can print them, share them with your family and friends and share them on social media  sites. On the USB there will be a folder of re-sized images suitable for online sharing.

The only restriction is I will hold the copyright… which just means you can’t sell them.

Ive seen some things around on blogs and pinterest and I’m not sure what they are….

The ‘first look’

This is popular in the States and is winging its way over here. It goes against tradition (something I am aware us brits are a little unsure of) but is a beautiful moment where the bride and groom in all their refinery meet up just before the ceremony, just the two of them. A moment to just appreciate each other before everyone else gets their look and the hustle and bustle begins… and of course if you want me there to take some photos, I’ll be there.

‘Cherish/Trash the dress’

This is where the bride gets chance to don their beautiful dress once more . We head to a beautiful location where we can spend an hour or two taking photos of just you and ‘the dress’! We can add this to your package for a little extra, just ask.

I’ve seen beautiful shots of brides and grooms on top of mountains, beside huge lakes etc. Do they get married here?

The answer… its possible… but probably not! Why not put on your dress and suit… drive to a mountain and take me with you!! The day before, the day after… after your honeymoon… the choice is yours! Again I would be more than happy to add this to your package for a little extra, just ask!

Do you offer thank you cards?

Yes, I offer thank you cards, invitations, order of service… well the lot really. Just ask me to see some samples.