What to expect at your wedding…


This is me and how I started…

The very first wedding I shot was a friends wedding…

I went armed with a list…

The cake

The cars

The dress

The rings

But I knew what I really wanted to show…

Something that couldn’t be set up and put on a list.

I’d seen it at the engagement shoot.

I wanted to show Beckie and Matt… not just a Bride and Groom.

I wanted to show the tears, the laughter and all the bits in between.

This is how I photograph every wedding…

and I still make a list of course  (…everyone needs a good list)



Choosing me as your photographer…

I will be there from the start to the finish; always searching with curiosity to find the little bits and pieces, small details and minor expressions. This is, I think, what makes your wedding photos special and personal to you.

I have been told I am unobtrusive, thoughtful, calm, friendly, lovely, patient and dedicated…

The thing is, I will listen to you very carefully, take note of what you both want, throw in some of my own ideas for you to think about and photograph your day in a way that really reflects you and your family.


If you think I could be the one for you! Give me a call, don’t feel afraid to contact me. I will send you a welcome pack first… then come and show you my albums and books as well as slideshows of my photographs, talking you through a little more about what to expect.

Because it’s so important for you to choose the right person, the next thing I offer is an engagement shoot. I don’t charge for this. It is for you to get to know me and for me to get to know you.


Then we make your pencilled date in my diary a permanent fixture by paying a small deposit of £150 and in return you get a disc of those lovely engagement photos.



Which package should I choose?

Each package includes:

Time beforehand to discuss the finer details.

Me… all day on the day (and my assistant).

A viewing of your lovely photos.

A chance to preview your album layout and discuss any possible changes.

The album and disc… gift wrapped and delivered by me.

I made the decision very early on that I wanted everyone to have an album, something artistically designed and beautifully crafted. Something they could pick up and hold, show their friends, reminisce, something that when you are 80 is still there to look at and the day will be like it was yesterday.

Queensberry albums are the best there are and every package includes one. I have looked at what seems like a million albums and I just keep coming back to them. I will personally design your album so that each one is unique and really reflects your day.


Package One

This package includes a 10×10 Queensberry Press Book. This is a premium quality art book. The pages are lightweight art or photographic papers and can be bound in a fine selection of leathers and fabrics.



Optional extras

Add the prices below onto your package…

Fancy a bigger book, 12×12 or 14×10… £100

Add a Queensberry Parent Books…  £250.

Package Two

This package includes a 10×10 Queensberry Classic Matted Album. The images are double mounted and set in to beautiful black or white pages with protective edging and corners. These can be bound in a fine selection of leathers and fabrics.



Optional extras

Add the prices below onto your package…

Fancy a bigger book, 12×12 or 14×10… £250

Add a Queensberry Parent Book… £250.


*Prices valid for Weddings booked within 2016/2017.

Where extensive travel is required there may be slight changes made to the package and/or additional charges may be added. For more information please visit the FAQ’s page.